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GMB: Job cuts will be devastating

GMB: Job cuts will be devastating

As a result of £50 million in spending cuts 900 staff in Rochdale are at risk of redundancy, it has been announced.

According to GMB - the general union with almost 610,000 members - a further 350 employment opportunities are set to go on top of the 145 already announced.

Those who avoid selection face a restructuring of their role following the impact of the comprehensive spending review.

Phil Roberts, GMB branch secretary, said: "These cuts will be devastating for front line cleaning staff and for the social care staff who look after the vulnerable people of Rochdale."

He added that his organisation is still in consultation with Rochdale Council as there is currently a 90-day period of talks about the job losses taking place.

Mr Roberts stated that the GMB is planning to meet with union members to discuss their views on the new proposals on a department-by-department basis.

Last week, the Public and Commercial Services Union said there were simply not enough employment opportunities available for those currently out of work.

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