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Government plans 'may hinder people looking for jobs'

Government plans 'may hinder people looking for jobs'

Government proposals to reform the benefits system for the unemployed could ultimately hinder people when looking for a job.

Associate director of the Work Foundation Stephen Overell said the coalition's plans have made it unclear whether people are being assisted in finding employment or punished for failing to do so.

"My feeling is, the way it is designed at present looks more like a punishment than a help into work," he stated, adding that this latest programme is slightly worse than the schemes of the 1980s.

Mr Overell stated the country has a fairly good record of helping those who are out of employment back into the workplace, but these reforms send the message that individuals are now being punished for being out of a job in the first place.

The Department for Work and Pensions recently announced some people who currently have no occupation would have to undertake mandatory work activity, which would take up at least 30 hours a week and last for up to four weeks, as they continue to look for a job. 

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