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Internship in London 'a great way to boost employment prospects'

Internship in London 'a great way to boost employment prospects'

Securing an internship in London is a great way of boosting one's employment prospects and increasing numbers of companies are offering such opportunities, it has been suggested.

Co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau Dan Hawes stated that lots of blue-chip companies are establishing such programmes with the sole purpose of offering interns jobs once they complete university.

Those looking for work in the City should look to secure an internship in London, as the competition for employment in this sector is fierce and candidates need to do all they can to appeal to employers.

"It is almost a de facto way of getting into these roles. There are so many good-quality graduates entering the market and with fewer jobs, competition gets higher, so you've got to look at ways of standing out," Mr Hawes added.

According to The Graduate Market in 2011, a study by High Fliers, a third of this year's entry-level positions are expected to be filled by graduates who have already worked for their organisations.

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