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Renewable energy training courses 'are becoming more popular'

Renewable energy training courses 'are becoming more popular'

Increasing numbers of people are enrolling on renewable energy training courses, it has been claimed.

Keith Tolwin, sales director at MET UK, said that more and more people are following this path and the majority find the courses manageable provided they are structured in the correct way.

He stated that while there is a lot of subject matter that needs to be learnt, the content is easy to follow.

"There are certain [courses] that are far more difficult than others, but the renewable energy ones generally are fairly straightforward - it is just when you get into the upper reaches of electrical and gas fitting that it is more difficult," Mr Tolwin noted.

Minister of state for energy and climate change Greg Barker told attendees at the Green Deal and Big Society Event that the government wants to improve the energy efficiency of 14 million homes by 2020 and a further 12 million by 2030.

Posted by Keith Broomer

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