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Virtual English teaching to meet growing EFL demand

Virtual English teaching to meet growing EFL demand

Virtual English teaching services could be the answer to meeting the growing demand for English tuition, according to an English Language Teaching (ELT) researcher. 

David Gaddol said in an interview with the Guardian that the number of people who want to learn English as a Foreign Language (EFL) will peak at around 2 billion learners in the next 10 to 15 years. 

Mr Gaddol said that it is unlikely that face-to-face English tuition will be able to meet this increase in demand; so many students will turn to online learning services. 

Some of the most popular services currently in operation are the BBC’s ‘Learning English’ and the British Council’s ‘Learn English’ websites. The BBC website offers a range of materials, including interactive quizzes, games, audio based around news articles and even a mini interactive soap opera with animated characters. 

The British Council's Learn English websites provide a wide variety of content for learners from kids through to adults and even caters for students with a keen interest in football through its Premier Skills website. 

Twin International Training’s Nick Tellwright said that his organisation is very much interested in entering the growing market for online English tuition services. 

Mr Tellwright commented: “Twin is currently evaluating the range of technology available to decide what would allow us to provide our students with the highest quality of English tuition from a virtual source. 

“The possibilities for virtual English tuition are exciting but we will carefully monitor the service we are offering to ensure our students receive the best possible outcomes.” 

Posted by Jacqui Fox

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