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London 'is the centre of the business world'

London 'is the centre of the business world'

Business graduates looking to find work in London are job hunting in the world's best city when it comes to commercial opportunities, it has been claimed.

Iain Smith, spokesperson at the London Chamber of Commerce, said the capital is the top destination in the world for business, offering them a number of advantages.

As a result, there is a lot of competition for jobs, with significant numbers looking to find work in London.

"London is not only the best city in the country - it is the best business city in the world, really. Given the kind of attractiveness of London - the vast leisure and cultural activities on offer - it's able to attract the world's best talent," Mr Smith added.

He went on to note that having such a significant number of businesses in one place is appealing to commercial organisations.

According to recent figures from the Education Statistics Agency, nearly nine per cent of graduates were unemployed six months after leaving university.

Posted by Nick Tellwright

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