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MigrationWatch overstates problem of ‘bogus students’

MigrationWatch overstates problem of ‘bogus students’

Estimates that “bogus students” cost taxpayers £500m every year by illegally working in the UK have been heavily criticised by a Guardian commentator.

Sarah Mulley, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research, claims that the research into the problem conducted by the MigrationWatch organisation makes several unreliable assumptions to arrive at a figure of £500m.

Ms Mulley said the MigrationWatch analysis “almost certainly overstates the number of foreign students who join the illegal workforce.”

She added: “The Home Office report on which the MigrationWatch analysis is based is the best evidence on [student visa] non-compliance currently available in the public domain, but the authors nevertheless highlight that their estimates are of potential non-compliance.

“Indeed, the Home Office report highlights that ‘these percentages should be considered the maximum potential estimate of non-compliance, as the coverage for those leaving the UK and the focus of roll-call investigations mean that actual levels of non-compliance are likely to be lower’.”

Ms Mulley also points out flaws in the assumption that MigrationWatch makes that every illegal worker will take away a job from a British person and cause them to be supported by the benefit system at the taxpayer’s cost.

To read the full article by Ms Mulley in the Guardian, click here

Posted by Keith Broomer

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