Erasmus+ programmes

Professional Internships and Teacher Development for Erasmus Plus funded students and groups.

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What is Erasmus+?

Students are able to get funding for further education and training with the Erasmus+ programme. Travel opportunities are available in participating EU countries, for up to 12 months, for career development purposes or as a supplement to studies.

The Erasmus+ programme is perfect for EU students who want to boost their employability skills. In addition to this, staff and businesses can undergo additional coaching for their professional development, providing a great opportunity for those who want to spend time living, working and studying in another country. By embarking on one of our Erasmus+ courses, students can meet new people, embrace the varied British culture, learn new skills and could significantly improve their English.

Choose a Twin Erasmus Programme

At Twin, we offer an Erasmus+ Internship and a Teacher Development course, providing life-enriching opportunities for those embarking on the programme. Students opting for an internship will benefit from our vast portfolio of placement companies whilst those opting for Teacher Development will gain an understanding of communicative teaching.

Benefit from experience as a trusted provider

We work with a range of international organisations and have a number of years of experience in the handling and management of European funded programmes, such as the previous Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. Our teacher development course gives an insight into the teaching methodologies used in the UK, whether they are English teachers or teach a particular subject in the English language.

Why Twin?

We understand that students want a challenging and engaging experience, and our Erasmus+ programmes aim to help students meet their objectives and have a rewarding time in the UK. Bespoke packages can be created, with additional add-ons including full-day excursions and English language lessons. 

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Star-quality work experience from a trusted provider

Erasmus InternshipsOur Erasmus+ Internships are arranged by our award-winning work experience team, who are proud to have been crowned a ‘Super Star Work Experience Provider’ by Study Travel Magazine after winning the best provider award five times in seven years. We are a long-term training provider offering internships, work experience placements, work abroad projects and apprenticeships; in 2015 alone we placed more than 2000 work experience students in various sectors, including business, admin and hospitality. Our internship aim to develop students’ language ability and employment skills, so that they have better career opportunities for the future, as well as enhancing their personal development socially and professionally.  

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Tailor-made teacher development

Mature TeachersFor non-native English teachers and those who teach their subject in English, our Erasmus+ Teacher Development course will allow them to explore British teaching methods, with a particular focus on the communicative teaching approach. This course takes place at our state-of-the-art English school in London Greenwich, of which the most recent British Council inspection noted six areas of strength, including quality assurance and course design. Teachers on this programme will gain a broader knowledge of British society and culture and will have the chance to observe lessons and plan effectively. The course is available to closed groups throughout the year and there are select dates available for individuals.

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Accommodation to suit everyone

Accommodation OptionsWe are able to offer a range of accomodation options including homestay, residential and flatshares.

Many of our students choose to stay in homestay accommodation, provided by one of our trusted homestay hosts. Students will have the chance to practise their English at home with their host and can fully immerse themselves into the British culture. We aim to place students in accommodation which is within approximately 45 minutes travel time of our school in Greenwich, or their placement company, dependent upon which Erasmus option they choose. In addition to homestays, we also have residential accommodation available throughout London. Our residences are ideal for students who want to be more independent and have been carefully selected for their great facilities, location and services that they offer. Most residences have communal areas, some with gaming and TV spaces, where students can meet other people from around the world, including other language and work experience students.

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