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We offer a broad range of social activities for Progetti PON students from bowling to half-day excursions and visits to exciting UK locations

PON Additional Services
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PON Additional Services

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Students and group leaders will benefit from the range of additional services that we offer at all of our centres. As well as programmes for students, we have a teacher development course for group leaders, 24/7 support for leaders and students, full/half-day excursions and an action-packed social programme which is available at our schools in London and Eastbourne. 

Exciting excursions and social activities 

We offer our PON students a range of social activities so that they can enjoy their UK experience to the fullest! Full-day excursions, which are included in the package, give students the chance to see a number of the UK's best locations. Places include historical cities such as Oxford, seaside towns such as Brighton and, of course, the cosmopolitan capital city of London.

In addition to this we have exciting half-day excursions, walking tours and social activities available at all of our centres, which will give students the opportunity to meet other people and experience the vibrant, varied culture of the UK.

Brighton Wheel

Full-day excursions locations include:
  • London
  • Brighton
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Windsor
  • Canterbury

PON Cinema Trip

Half-day excursions include:

  • Bowling
  • Cinema trips
  • Coastal Walks
  • Sports
  • Barbecues

Tower Of London

Half-day excursions for London centres include:
  • Greenwich experience: Maritime Museum, Greenwich Market, Greenwich Park, Cutty Sark
  • British Museum
  • Walking tours to see the sights: London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and more

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An engaging social programme

Additionally, we provide an engaging social programme for students which they can access during their time with us. The programme is ideal as it offers students the chance to easily make new friends and allows them to integrate with other students from around the world. Activities include book clubs, walking tours and grammar workshops. 

24/7 support

You can be sure that your students will be supported during their time at Twin and we have on-site native Italian speakers who can offer advice, guidance and any additional help required. Our work experience team offer full support to students for the duration of their placement while our school principals, director of studies and student services officer are there to support English students throughout their time at our schools. 

Teacher Development and CLIL

As well as creating the perfect PON packages for Italian students, we also offer a teacher development programme for group leaders which incorporates the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology. This allows them to learn more about the communicative teaching methods that we use in the UK whilst their students are in class, providing the perfect opportunity for them to share their knowledge and ideas with other teachers.

Our Teacher Development programme allows teachers to put the CLIL methodology in to practice. Lessons incorporate lesson planning, developing intercultural knowledge and communication skills, adapting published material to CLIL and understanding how to develop students' vocabulary. 

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