PON Accommodation

We have a range of accommodation options for PON students, from homestays to hotels and campus residences

PON 2018-19 Accommodation
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PON 2018-19 Accommodation

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Homestay Quality homestays to experience the UK home life

At Twin, we have a range of accommodation options to suit the needs of Progetti PON students. At our London and Eastbourne centres, we offer homestay accommodation which is provided by one of our trusted homestay hosts. Homestay accommodation is perfect as it allows students to experience life in a British household, gain an insight into the varied culture of the UK and practise their English at home with their host. Our hosts are within easy travelling distance of our schools and provide a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Via LewishamResidential accommodation for everyone

PON students who want to experience the excitement of London will benefit from a vast range of accommodation options. In addition to homestay, we are also able to offer hotels, hostels and residences throughout London. The accommodation options have been selected for the location, transport links and facilities they offer. Our residences give students the opportunity to reside within easy travel distance of the school, in other London locations which are close to work placements. With eight options to choose from you are guaranteed to find the right option for your group.

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