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Employer FAQs

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+International placements FAQs

Is there a charge for the service?
There is no charge for our introduction service. We are interested in gaining valuable new contacts which will be able to supply work experience (both paid and unpaid) to our students. However, we do ask that you assist your student whilst on placement, this can be in the form of travel and or lunch expenses, or around £250 per month (for Internship students) or minimum wage (Hospitality Training Programme).
Why take a student on work experience?
Students are keen to develop new skills, tend to be very hard working and are anxious to implement the skills that they have gained whilst studying, in a practical environment. They may already have qualifications that will enhance your work force and are extremely cost efficient.
Where do the students come from?
Our client base is international. We have links with students in many different and diverse countries, from Germany to Japan. Twin has Tier 4 Visa Sponsor staus, granted by the UKVI in order to help students apply for visas for non European students.
What qualifications do students have?
Our students come from many academic backgrounds. Our General Internship students are younger clients, usually looking for their first work experience. However the Professional Internship Programme attracts students that are either at university or have graduated. We receive bookings from students that have studied a wide range of subjects, many with valuable work experience already.
Will I meet the student before accepting them?
We actively encourage all students on the Programme to have formal interviews before they commence their placement. This allows the host company to assess their suitability and the student to ask any questions they may have. We can also arrange telephone interviews beforehand so host companies can assess levels of spoken English. Hospitality Training programme students only travel to the country when they are been accepted by the host company. Therefore formal interviews are not possible, but we are happy to arrange telephone interviews prior to arrival.

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