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Our Hospitality Training Programme provides a solution to hospitality businesses' seasonal HR needs

Services to the UK hospitality industry
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Services to the UK hospitality industry

Twin has worked with hospitality businesses for over 15 years, and from visiting the businesses we work with a common theme has become clear to us: it is difficult to recruit local staff. That is why we have developed The Hospitality Training Programme (HTP), which provides seasonal staff to give you a flexible staffing solution. This service is free of charge to all of our partners.


The Hospitality Training Programme has been designed to train international students and allow them to gain experience in the UK hospitality industry. All students that enrol on HTP complete an English and Hospitality course before being placed in a hospitality host business. The training element of this programme allows Twin to make sure that all candidates are of a high standard before being sent to a Hospitality Host Business (HHB).


Once the training element of this course has been completed, students are sent to one of our Hospitality Host Business (HHB) for their placement. All placements range from 6-12 months, allowing HHB’s to get the most out of staff and make sure the benefits of training are seen over a period of time.

Positions we are able to provide staff for include:


Our motivated students help you to deliver your guest promise. HTP provides the owner/operator or General Manager with a staffing solution that works, and one that will also make a significant difference to the lives of young people who are willing and capable of meeting the promise. The flexibility of this programme allows you as a business to take on staff in peak season, but not in quieter periods, giving you peace of mind knowing that your business is staffed when the level of service demands it.

Quality of Service

At Twin we are dedicated to providing high quality service to you, the HHB, and to students who enrol with us. The high level of service we provide is reflected by the trust thousands of businesses place in us each year for International Interns. We also fulfil all relevant checks to ensure that all students are eligible to work legally in the UK, and interview students before accepting. Our terms & conditions also make students aware of the level of service that is expected.


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