Tier 5 Engineering Internships

Tier 5 Engineering Internships

Respond to the global challenges of the engineering exporters with a Twin Tier 5 Graduate Internship

Tier 5 Engineering Internships

Tier 5 Engineering Internships

Bringing UK manufacturers and international engineering graduates together.

UK manufacturing exporters increasingly need to reach out to markets beyond the slow growth – even no growth - EEA markets. Engineering graduates from around the world seek valuable, relevant work and training experience, and a chance for English language immersion to polish their academic attainment in English.

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The Twin Tier 5 Engineering Internship scheme offers a carefully controlled scheme to match these complimentary needs.

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The Tier 5 Sponsor Licence

In today’s intensely immigration-sensitive environment, Twin has been awarded a Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange Sponsor Licence which allows us to act as an "over-arching body" and issue Certificates of Sponsorship for individuals who meet the defined eligibility criteria to apply for a Tier 5 Visa to come and experience working, social & cultural life in the UK. Only a limited number of UK organisations have been awarded this licence.

We have worked with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to secure this licence, which is specifically oriented to Engineering graduates, who have graduated within the last 12 months. This allows us to sponsor visa applications by issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship. This enables our candidates to apply for a visa to complete an internship under the Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange Scheme.

Compliance is an essential component for these Engineering Internships and Twin can support both the hostorganisation and the graduate in fully satisfying requirements.

Real opportunity for mutual value-add

With up to 12 months stay possible, these internships offer real opportunities for host organisations to benefit from the international and cultural perspectives of graduates, who are in turn able to benefit from immersion in UK business language, relevant work/training experience and manufacturing excellence.

Compliance – helping you manage with confidence

With immigration a very sensitive topic in the UK and compliance regimes strict, a part of Twin’s offer is to assist both graduate and company to be fully compliant – we have been bringing students into the UK for over 20 years and have Tier 5 Visa Sponsor status with the UK Visas and Immigation (UKVI).

“Twin’s proposal is particularly attractive to SMEs because they take on a vast array of processes that smaller companies would find difficult to undertake themselves – processes and procedures that are likely to have deterred them from engaging with the UK’s migration system previously.”

Tim Thomas, Head of Employment and Skills Policy, EEF

A key defining characteristic of the GAE Tier 5 scheme is that internship positions are supernumerary positions – that is, not replacing any roles that might otherwise have been fulfilled by a citizen of the UK or EEA. These opportunities are nonetheless highly prized by companies who wish to grow exports and value the language and cultural insights that graduates from around the world, who are also qualified engineers, can bring.

Our compliance is carefully and reliably documented, with written contracts between Twin and HostOrganisation, Twin and the intern and a simpler tri-partite agreement between all 3. Furthermore, we track and document the progress of the internship throughout its duration – another condition of our licence that we also see as beneficial to intern and host organisation alike, to ensure mutual benefit and value.

The Twin Difference

We are not the only provider of Tier 5 Internships, so check out what makes Twin different from other providers.

More than compliance

Typically, Tier 5 “overarching bodies” are immigration lawyers, who tend to assist companies with ensuring that all legal matters are complied with. This might still leave the potential host organisation with the task of identifying, screening and qualifying large numbers of applicants – the appetite for paid UK work experience is high!

More than technical eligibility

This task is much more than mere eligibility tracking – at Twin, we call it “responsible matching”. Whilst for our Tier 5 candidates, academic attainment – in English as well as, for this scheme, an engineering applicable discipline - is a pre-requisite, our considerable experience in this area has shown it is not the sole criterion for a successful internship. In addition to paid internships, we have experience of matching individuals to demanding engagements in many different countries, some in the developing world.

Responsible matching demands that we correctly align:

Of course, matching is a two-way affair – we also help host organisations to create an internship profile which balances the training demands of a Tier 5 Internship with the needs of – and intended business benefits to – the host organisation.

We also take care of the task of verifying graduate bona fides. In a world where entry into the UK for paid work is highly prized, the possibility of fraudulent applications cannot be discounted. We verify and retain bona fides to support any enquiries that may arise from UKBA.

Sourcing quality candidates

Twin works through a network of 1500 agents globally, bringing significant benefits to the table:

So, in countries far beyond EEA boundaries – BRIC countries would be examples – our network can link into the right educational establishments to find the right candidates.

All candidates will have attained English Language capability to IELTS level 6 or above (equivalent to UK GCSE or International GSCE [IGSE]) grade C or above.

From end to end – what you get

Our service does not stop at commencement of the internship. Having screened and made available for – usually Skype – interview a small number of candidates and secured the right individual for your internship, we then:

All graduates also receive a comprehensive Participant Handbook, covering topics from initial eligibility requirements through to advice on what to pack for a UK internship.

Graduate welfare

As we indicate above, we take considerable care to ensure that internship candidates are well-matched to the needs of the host organisation. That said, the possibility of welfare concerns cannot be completely ruled out. So, at Twin, we provide a 24/365 student welfare line to help students deal with unpredictable issues.

Host organisation obligations.

We work individually with all our host organisations to ensure they understand the programme requirements. You will be allocated a placement coordinator who will walk you through the process from accepting an internship student to their departure. We keep the company responsibilities to the minimum, because we oversee the whole placement duration. 

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