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Internships 'are good for the economy'

Internships 'are good for the economy'

Offering internships to disadvantaged young people will benefit the economy as well as the individuals concerned, an expert has argued.

Ginny Lunn, director of policy and development at The Prince's Trust, explained such programmes help prevent youngsters becoming unemployable, by building their knowledge and skills.

And this, she suggested, will ensure they give back to the economy in the future.

Ms Lunn was commenting after thinktank Demos recommended a 'pay-back' scheme that would see employers financially rewarded for successful internships awarded to disadvantaged youths - such as care leavers and young offenders.

The payment would be received if the individual found stable employment within a year of completing their placement.

"Encouraging employers with cash incentives will open doors for young people which would otherwise remain closed," said Ms Lunn, noting the recession has hit school leavers particularly hard, as a backlog of unemployed graduates has been "pushing those with fewer qualifications and no experience further from the jobs".

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