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Welfare to work programmes 'must focus on results'

Welfare to work programmes 'must focus on results'

It is crucial the UK government are given practical, personalised advice if they are to get off welfare and into work.

That is according to Daily Mail writer Harry Phibbs, who claimed the number of people who have been on Incapacity Benefit for the past ten years is "startling".

He explained, however, there is a group of claimants who want to work but find this difficult to achieve as a result of a system that does not offer enough incentive to come off benefits.

"The key is requiring the unemployed to undertake some kind of activity in return for their Jobseekers Allowance – a case of something for something rather than the present arrangement of something for nothing," Mr Phibbs stated.

The writer - who is also a Conservative councillor for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham - went on to note it is also important the government provide a personalised approach to searching for work at the Jobcentre Plus, which focuses on achieving results and practical advice on the application process.

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