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Closing the gender pay gap 'would benefit companies'

Closing the gender pay gap 'would benefit companies'

UK companies would benefit from ensuring their female employees are paid the same as their male counterparts, one expert has suggested.

Research by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR recently showed the average salary for British men in a management position is currently £10,071 more than that of a female manager.

Furthermore, the study highlighted the pay gap also exists in UK companies at a junior level.

In addition, the figures suggested women are faced with a 57-year wait before their take-home pay is equal to their colleagues of the opposite gender.

Commenting on the news, a spokeswoman for the Women's Resource Centre stated it is not right that females face such an "uphill slog" to earn the same as their male peers.

"Evidence has consistently shown that where women are paid equally and treated equally at work companies perform better and workplaces are more family friendly," she added.

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