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Majority of job opportunities 'are in hospitality and tourism'

Majority of job opportunities 'are in hospitality and tourism'

The hospitality and tourism sector is expected to offer a raft of employment opportunities to young people coming out of education this year.

It was recently claimed by the University and College Union that GCSE students could be left without a place in higher education as a result of a lack of available positions and the government's refusal to increase the proportion of academic options in colleges.

Additionally, the body stated establishments need to become more selective to meet performance goals, which could lead to youngsters being forced into employment.

Commenting on the suggestions, Brian Wisdom, chief executive of People 1st, said: "My advice for young people is don't panic because there are many opportunities out there, not just in education, but with good employers who provide good training and opportunities."

And he went on to state the hospitality and tourism industry is predicted to recruit some 700,000 employees this year, providing a high proportion of prospects to school leavers entering the jobs market.

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