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Downsizing firms 'affecting apprenticeship opportunities in Swindon'

Downsizing firms 'affecting apprenticeship opportunities in Swindon'

More than 300 young people are waiting for an employment opportunity in the form of an apprenticeship at one education institution in Swindon.

Evelyn Little, of Swindon College, reveals the figure to the BBC, adding demand is currently far outweighing supply.

Ms Little blames the problem on the decision of many employers to downsize their businesses during the period of economic turbulence in the UK.

"The difficulty in Swindon is because we've been hit so badly over the last two years with the recession," she tells the news source.

Swindon College recently launched the Apprenticeship Employer Network, designed to allow employers in the town and beyond to discuss their situation.

The Wiltshire conurbation has previously been labelled by the National Apprenticehip Service as the worst in England at offering apprenticeships to young people.

As well as apprenticeships, Swindon College offers a wide range of study programmes and part-time courses designed to prepare students for their chosen career.

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