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UK 'could face skills shortage' should migrants leave

UK 'could face skills shortage' should migrants leave

Increasing numbers of migrants moving out of the UK could have a significant effect on the country's labour market, one specialist has suggested.

Research by HSBC recently showed 47 per cent of expats surveyed believe the economy in their current country has become worse since the start of 2009, with 67 per cent of British residents agreeing with this statement.

In addition, the Expat Explorer Survey 2010 revealed seven per cent of respondents are actively looking to move home due to the economic conditions, with another six per cent considering leaving due to the UK's financial instability.

Commenting on the figures, a spokesman for the Trades Union Congress stated: "If large numbers of workers leave the UK, the economy will be left with damaging skills shortages that could further hamper our prospects of recovery."

He added this shows how crucial it is that both employers and the government "invest in skills".

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