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Rising numbers of students 'taking break for training'

Rising numbers of students 'taking break for training'

Students are increasingly planning to take time out following their studies in a bid to widen their skill set, work abroad or travel, new figures have shown.

According to research from Santander Credit Cards, there has been a 14-fold increase in the number of people opting to take gap years, sabbaticals or other lifestyle breaks since the 1970s.

Some 1.4 million have occurred since the start of the recession in 2008.

And the study showed 47 per cent of those taking time out do so to travel, with 28 per cent taking advantage of the chance to work abroad and 13 per cent using their sojourn to embark on extra education or training.

Commenting on the findings, director at the firm Ian Coles said: "Taking a break from work or education is becoming an increasingly appealing option for many Britons, as the job market becomes increasingly competitive and the demand for university places continues to soar."

This follows comments from Peter Crofts, director of admissions and student recruitment at the University of Glamorgan, who told the Western Mail it is crucial for people to carefully consider their options before embarking on a gap year.

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