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Tourism sector 'needs specific, customised training schemes'

Tourism sector 'needs specific, customised training schemes'

The UK's travel and tourism sector needs to be taken seriously and requires well-trained staff to help it flourish, according to one industry expert.

Whatever their role in the sector, all workers must have the right skills and abilities, a spokesman for Ukinbound, the sector's trade association, said.

"We need well-trained professional individuals with positive attitudes and an eagerness to learn the specific demands of the particular establishment they are working for," he commented.

The representative explained that there is no generic way this can be achieved for all roles so firms must offer tailored training.

He advised those looking to work in the industry to start building usable experience and pointed out that a pleasant and positive attitude is vital for anyone in a customer-facing position.

"They may need a degree or professional qualification in the relevant trade, or more workplace experience," the spokesman added.

Figures from the Reed Job Index have revealed that jobs on offer in leisure and tourism have increased to record levels.

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