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Supporters aim to block US welfare-to-work programme expiry

Supporters aim to block US welfare-to-work programme expiry

Backers of a US welfare-to-work scheme believe almost a quarter of a million jobs could be under threat if Congress allows it to expire.

The programme was created as part of the country's stimulus bill last year and created 240,000 roles, but is set to end on September 30th, the Huffington Post explains.

Republicans, as well as a small number of Democrat senators, have previously voted to block an emergency fund.

Now the fate of the welfare-to-work project lies in their hands, with some fearing it may be coming to an end after the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities this week suggested some states "are ramping down their subsidised jobs programmes, stopping new placements and giving notice".

Diana Spatz, executive director of Lifetime, which employs ten people through the scheme, recently told the publication she would be able to keep only two or three of her staff.

The project is paid for by Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, an operation that provides funds for food, clothing, housing and other basic needs.

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