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Many companies 'already have internship code of conduct'

Many companies 'already have internship code of conduct'

A significant proportion of large-scale employers already have an internal code of conduct in place for internships, one specialist has stated.

It was recently suggested in a report by Demos and Endsleigh that the position should be given a new legal definition.

This, according to the organisations, would ensure they were of a high quality and fair to those gaining unpaid work experience for free at a company.

The report noted an internship charter would lead to employers being legally obliged to set limits on the length of the scheme and offer measures to ensure equal opportunity.

Commenting on the suggestions, chief executive officer at Work Wise UK Phil Flaxton said many already do this internally.

He added: "A lot of the businesses that go on the milk rounds every year and go out to universities to attract bright young things … [have] got this very well set up."

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