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It is 'crucial' the government does not cut training grants

It is 'crucial' the government does not cut training grants

The workforce is set to be seriously affected by a lack of funding - by both companies and the government - for training, according to one organisation.

It was recently suggested by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) that the state should look to protect economic growth by prioritising certain areas, such as infrastructure, knowledge assets and education and skills.

Commenting on the statement, a spokesman for the Trades Union Congress - the UK's national trade union centre - explained the body is right to stress the need to invest in these fields.

However, he noted: "The CBI's vision for a more skilled workforce is hardly likely to materialise if the government cuts back on training grants and employers refuse to stump up to train staff. "

The representative added the best way to fund training, infrastructure and research schemes would be to "clamp down" on tax avoidance by the rich and multinational.

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