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University leavers 'still favour traditional graduate roles'

University leavers 'still favour traditional graduate roles'

Traditional graduate roles remain popular among university leavers, as a survey shows despite falls in those going into financial services, most have not altered their career aspirations following the global economic downturn.

Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, claims "planning ahead is really key", suggesting individuals might like to consider training courses and activities to boost their CV from the earliest possible time.

The employment expert admits it can be difficult for university-goers to know what they want to do, but insists research and a little forward thinking can avoid a last-minute panic for people coming to the end of their academic career.

A Guardian UK 300 survey revealed gender stereotypes still apply when it comes to graduate job hunting, with women going for traditionally "nurturing" roles, while men tend to prioritise well-paid positions.

Joining the NHS graduate scheme was the third most desirable choice for females, but only made 34th place on the list for males.  

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