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Adults seeking training and employment 'must not be left behind'

Adults seeking training and employment 'must not be left behind'

It is important for adults to be given the access to new training and employment opportunities to prevent them from being left behind, according to one expert.

Shagufta Mustafa, spokeswoman for the National Apprenticeship Service, said there should be continued investment into the existing workforce, as well as help for young people to boost their skills and find employment.

"We know that demand from employers for adult apprenticeships remains very high and numbers continue to increase," she added.

Ms Mustafa noted by maintaining training and apprenticeships during the current economic climate, employers are benefiting themselves.

She observed by creating 50,000 new adult apprenticeships through the redeployment of the £150 million Train to Gain fund, the government has demonstrated its commitment to the training schemes.

Earlier this week, Microsoft warned the coalition 3,000 apprenticeships at companies it is affiliated with in the UK could be under threat if they were forced to pay more towards the tuition costs. 

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