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Numbers of young unemployed "is a real cause for concern"

Numbers of young unemployed "is a real cause for concern"

Figures released tomorrow (October 13th) detailing unemployment levels in the UK could provide an indication as to whether young people in the country are facing a job crisis.

Trade Unions Congress general secretary Brendan Barber said despite a welcome fall in joblessness recently, there are thousands of individuals joining the line for the dole each month throughout Britain.

He voiced his concern at the coalition's decision to cease financial support for the Future Jobs Fund and stated there does not appear to be enough vacancies for those who need them.

"For every person struggling to get work, this recession remains a personal tragedy. And with the government pressing ahead with deep spending cuts … unemployment is set to rise again," Mr Barber noted.

The US Employment Situation Report revealed last week the number of citizens without a job in the nation had remained at 9.6 per cent month-on-month for September.

Commenting on the results, labour secretary Hilda Solis observed the country is moving in the right direction following the economic downturn.

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