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'Unacceptable' for people to exist on a lifetime of benefits

'Unacceptable' for people to exist on a lifetime of benefits

The current welfare system does not allow people in the UK who may be trapped on incapacity benefits to work if they want to, it has been noted.

Speaking after a new wave of reforms were launched by the coalition earlier this week, minister for employment Chris Grayling said the journey back into employment starts now for those who have been denied access to work.

"Everyone who can work will get the help and support they need to get a job," he said.

Mr Grayling added monetary aid will continue for those unable to enter employment following the reassessment of all those claiming incapacity benefits.

The process began in Burnley and Aberdeen this week and will take place throughout the rest of the country from next spring.

Earlier this month, work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith unveiled a new Enterprise Allowance scheme.

The initiative will offer people who have been out of work, but are now considering entering self-employment, a weekly payment for up to six months, dependent on the current value of their benefit.

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