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People seeking apprenticeships could approach businesses

People seeking apprenticeships could approach businesses

One option for an individual considering an apprenticeship is to approach an employer they would like to train with, it has been noted.

Shagufta Mustafa, spokeswoman for the National Apprenticeship Service, said there is no reason why a person should not be able to apply for a position as a trainee with a firm in the same manner they would seek to obtain another position with the company.

However, Ms Mustafa observed: "The best route for anyone looking to take up an apprenticeship would be to register on Apprenticeship Vacancies."

This service offers a free online system where learners can search and apply for trainee schemes, while employers can manage and advertise vacancies, she stated.

Last week, the Association of Learning Providers (ALP) noted the skills needs of the economy can be met through the government's strong support for apprenticeships.

Development of a four-level, all-age work trainee programme was advocated by the ALP to help meet these economic requirements.

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