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Welfare-to-work programme veto will cost more than it saves

Welfare-to-work programme veto will cost more than it saves

Individuals in California, US who have previously been supported by the state but are currently in work will be forced to sign back on to the dole, it has been suggested.

An article in the Los Angeles Times stated the decision by the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger veto a $256 million (£161 million) childcare programme will force people out of the workplace and back into their homes.

While subsidising the cost of childcare may result in a certain amount of finance needing to be made available by the state, the amount spent on keeping adults who are able to find employment out of a job will be far greater, the article noted.

The newspaper added the decision will ultimately lead to higher costs for the taxpayer, as parents who cannot afford to pay for someone else to look after their offspring may have to leave their job or stop paying taxes and rely on benefits for an income.

Last month, the Huffington Post reported a scheme that had helped employ around 240,000 US citizens who were previously jobless could be set to come to an end.

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