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Part-time work 'could benefit teenagers in later life'

Part-time work 'could benefit teenagers in later life'

There are two ways teenagers with experience in part-time employment on their CV stand out to employers, it has been noted.

Peter Panayotou, senior consultant at The Write Stuff, said people should look for work because gaps do not look good on an employment history.

He added it is also beneficial for individuals as it demonstrates to a company they have being doing something with their time.

"Part-time work is a good way of filling in those gaps and basically convincing potential future employers that you are wanting to go out there and do something," Mr Panayotou observed.

If available, experience in employment gained by an individual should be linked to their long-term career aspirations, but he claimed anything is useful as this is not always possible.

Earlier this week, the M&S Money Under 18s' Work and Money Survey revealed many eight to 18-year-olds in the UK are looking to secure a job on a part-time basis before their eighteenth birthday.

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