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Workers with public sector skills 'will struggle in the private sector'

Workers with public sector skills 'will struggle in the private sector'

People facing redundancy from employment in the public sector are more likely to find a job in the private sector if they have abilities that can cross over from working in areas such as PR and finance, it has been noted.

Peter Reilly, director of HR research and consultancy at the Institute for Employment Studies, said individuals with attributes specific to the public sector are most likely to struggle when searching for a job in the private sector.

"Even for those people who have got generic skills, they are going to have to compete against people who have a better track record," he added.

Last week, the Work Foundation observed cuts in staffing levels that have been forced within the public sector as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review will only be absorbed by the private sector if there is strong enough growth in job creation.

According to the foundation, while the greatest need for employment opportunities will be in places with weak private sectors - such as Blackpool and Liverpool - most of the new jobs will be created in London and the south east. 

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