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Public sector workers may seek a career change

Public sector workers may seek a career change

Some individuals facing redundancy as a result of cuts to public sector jobs following the comprehensive spending review may be happy to leave their current positions, one expert has argued.

Peter Reilly, director of HR research and consultancy at the Institute for Employment Studies, said there will be a number of staff leaving their jobs who will be glad of the opportunity to try setting up a business or something similar.

"What you might see, if we're lucky, is some people become rather more entrepreneurial," he added.

Mr Reilly noted difficulties may arise for those attempting to start their own enterprise due to a lack of preparation, as they have not been involved with commercial organisations.

He observed there could be a rise in the number of self-employed companies or sole traders, but they will find life tough in an economically-constrained market.

Last week, Badenoch and Clark announced that more than half of people employed within the public sector who would think about taking up a work opportunity in the private sector should they lose their job, believe they do not have the necessary skill to do so.

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