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TUC: Government cuts will hit young people hardest

TUC: Government cuts will hit young people hardest

Young people will be hit the hardest as the impact of the coalition's comprehensive spending review (CSR) is felt throughout employment, it has been observed.

Trades union congress general secretary Brendan Barber said Britain had come out of the deepest recession experienced by the country since the 1930s without joblessness increasing as much as feared.

However, as a result of the CSR, unemployment is now likely to rise and with each day that passes the country is returning to the state it was in during the 1980s, he noted.

"The private sector will struggle to generate jobs quickly enough to make up for government job destruction so it looks like we are set for high levels of joblessness," he added.

Mr Barber was commenting after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) published figures yesterday (November 2nd) that revealed the CSR and impending VAT rise will result in a total of 1.6 million work opportunities being lost.

Chief economic adviser at the organisation Dr John Philpott warned the coalition's estimate of 490,000 individuals becoming unemployed due to the austerity measures represented a shortfall in the actual number expected by public sector managers.

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