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TUC: Workless looking for jobs that aren't there

TUC: Workless looking for jobs that aren't there

New figures reveal the difficulty many people are having throughout some parts of the UK when trying to find employment, one expert has argued.

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, said figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed there were more than six people to every work opportunity in Liverpool.

He said ministers want the public to believe that those on benefits are avoiding work and seeking an easy time of things, but stated this is not the case as many individuals are diligently looking for opportunities that are not available.

Mr Barber added that the economic cuts brought about by the comprehensive spending review (CSR) will cause redundancies in both the private and public sectors.

"It's much harder to close the deficit if the dole queue is lengthening, so we need a fundamental change of course that gives priority to economic growth and job creation," he observed.

Last month, Mr Barber said the government is fooling itself if it anticipates the expected 490,000 public sector job losses resulting from the CSR to be accommodated by the private sector.

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