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Foreign students 'encouraged to come to the UK'

Foreign students 'encouraged to come to the UK'

The British government wants to continue to encourage foreign students to come to the UK to study, it has been noted.

Education secretary Michael Gove gave assurances yesterday (November 8th) that there were no plans in place to increase fees for those coming from overseas to Britain to go to university, the Standard reports.

His comments come at a time when the cost of higher education has been raised for UK citizens, with establishments told they can now charge up to £9,000 a year in an attempt to decrease the amount the coalition pays to the institutions without having to impact on teaching standards.

"[Mr] Gove reiterated that British universities are still open for business internationally and the strength of many institutions critically depends on international students," the article observed.

Last month, professor Steve Smith, president of vice-chancellors' umbrella group Universities UK, said a decrease in the number of overseas students coming to the UK could have a dramatic impact on the higher education system.

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