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Businesses may not be creating enough apprenticeships

Businesses may not be creating enough apprenticeships

England is lagging behind other nations in terms of the number of apprenticeships it offers, a study has found.

A London School of Economics report titled the State of Apprenticeship in 2010 found that for every 1,000 employees in the country, 11 work training opportunities are offered.

This figure contrasts to Australia where 39 apprenticeships are available to every 1,000 workers and Germany where the ratio is 40:1,000.

However, the study revealed that English trainees on average earn the most for their placements - when compared to Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria.

According to the investigation, almost all businesses with over 500 staff in Germany take on work trainees, while 30 per cent of English firms of the same size offer the opportunities.

Last month, BT announced it plans to almost double its intake of apprentices this year to over 400 after it received 24,000 applications to its scheme, an increase of 15,000 on the number recorded in 2009.

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