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Poundland set to create new jobs

Poundland set to create new jobs

Poundland, the chain of discount retail stores, is set to create more jobs as a result of plans to open new stores next year.

The company recorded profits of £21.5 million to March this year as a result of a 29 per cent jump in sales to £509.8 million.

Chief executive of the enterprise Jim McCarthy said the business intends to open at least 50 more outlets in the coming financial year.

He noted that the recent success of the retailer is partly explained by a rise in the number of middle-class customers who are looking to cut back on costs in the current economic environment.

Some of the top-selling items at Poundland include 1.5 kg packs of sugar and emergency tents.

Last week, supermarket giant Asda said it plans to create 7,500 jobs in 2011, as a result of an expansion of its home shopping service and the opening of new stores.

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