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There is 'no such thing' as a job for life anymore

There is 'no such thing' as a job for life anymore

Large numbers of people change careers several times, often because they do not decide what they want to do until they are older.

That is according to Peter Panayotou, senior consultant at The Write Stuff, who argued "there is no such thing as a career for life anymore".

He stated those who stay in their roles for longer and experience greater job satisfaction are people who enter a profession they enjoy and know they are good at, rather than one that pays high wages.

Money is only a short-term attraction and individuals have to take pleasure in something to excel at it, Mr Panayotou continued.

He observed men approach their careers differently to women and are more likely to change professions because they are constantly looking for the next best thing, whereas females are generally more settled.

Mr Panayotou was remarking on research conducted by Magnet Trade that revealed 60 per cent of workers are unhappy in their current job.

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