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CIPD: New work assessments are a positive step

CIPD: New work assessments are a positive step

The government's announcement that is intends to change the current fitness to work assessments is a positive step forward, according to one expert.

Ben Willmott, senior public policy advisor for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said that providing people with additional support can lead to an individual being able to successfully re-enter the workplace.

"This is part of the personalisation agenda which the government is pursuing," he noted, adding: "It is really looking to not just have a one-sided approach to getting people back to work."

Mr Willmott observed that the coalition is now looking at the potential barriers blocking a person's route back into employment from an individual's perspective.

Last week, the Department of Work and Pensions announced that changes will be made to the work capability assessment system that is currently being used to decide if a person is fit to be employed, in a bid to improve the current legislation.

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