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Jobs market may be showing signs of recovery

Jobs market may be showing signs of recovery

People searching for jobs in the UK may find that their chances have improved over the last 12 months as more vacancies have become available.

That is according to a spokeswoman for jobsite, who noted that although there have been concerns about the amount of redundancies that are going to be made in the public sector, the employment outlook is not as bleak as it could be.

"This increase in vacancies is across many industries and job roles so it's not just opportunities for a select few," the representative stated, adding there will even be roles available within the public sector as people leave essential positions.

She observed that to stand the best chance of finding a job in the private sector, those people being made redundant from posts in the public domain should look at their experience and transferrable skills.

A report released by the Office for National Statistics found that in the third quarter of the year, the number of people over the age of 16 who are in work increased by 167,000 on the previous three months to a total of 29.19 million.

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