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SMEs 'expecting to employ more people in 2011'

SMEs 'expecting to employ more people in 2011'

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) appear to have a positive outlook on their prospects heading into the new year, with a number of firms expecting to take on more staff.

Research carried out by Orange found that a quarter of small businesses anticipate they will make a greater number of additions to their workforce in 2011 than they did this year.

The study found that three-quarters of SMEs predict the next 12 months will either but be either just as prosperous or more so than 2010.

In addition, the same amount are considering introducing flexible working into the workplace next year, which is being implemented in order to drive staff efficiency.

"This year has been busy for us and our projections for next year are positive. We're even planning on hiring more staff and doubling our headcount," said Dr Andrea D'Ercole, managing director of

Meanwhile, a Centre for Economics and Business Research Report that was commissioned by the Federation of Small Businesses found an increase of the tax threshold at which SMEs pay VAT could lead to the creation of 35,000 new jobs.

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