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Young people 'considering alternatives to university'

Young people 'considering alternatives to university'

As a result of the government's announcement that tuition fees will increase for people going to university, more people are considering alternative career paths, it has been noted.

Naomi Bourne, spokeswoman for, said that there are benefits to be gained from choosing another path into employment, which could include taking up an apprenticeship.

"The young person will be gaining hands-on skills from the outset and learning about the role and workplace on the job," she noted.

Ms Bourne stated that academic study does not necessarily prepare Britons for the world of work and added that those who enter employment immediately can start earning money.

This can save them from coming away from higher education with a heavy amount of debt to repay, in addition to giving them the time they would have spent studying working their way up within a company.

Business advisory firm Deloitte announced this week that it is creating 100 roles for people who have finished their A-levels.

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