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IT sector 'fared well in recession'

IT sector 'fared well in recession'

The IT sector weathered the storm of the recession well, according to one industry commentator.

Gerry McLaughlin, of, noted that both the salaries of IT professionals and the number of contracts on offer were not adversely affected by the economic downturn.

He added that the number of IT jobs available is now "back up above levels of two years ago".

The main reason for the sector's resilience in the current climate is due to a change in attitude towards the role of IT in business, Mr McLaughlin explained.

"Whereas previously it was seen as a cost that could easily be cut when times are hard in order to protect the bottom line, it is now seen as an enabler of cost-cutting in the business," he stated.

Figures released by the Centre for Economics and Business Research seem to echo Mr McLaughlin's positive appraisal of the sector.

The organisation estimates that IT will lead the recovery for UK businesses, creating 93,000 new jobs over the next five years.

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