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Improving IT skills 'could help employment prospects'

Improving IT skills 'could help employment prospects'

Anyone looking for work in the current economic climate should consider some additional training to help them get ahead in the recruitment market, it has been claimed.

Georgina Read, HR expert and co-founder of Reabur Ltd, commented that limited IT skills can be a problem for people seeking work in the current jobs market.

She suggested taking an IT course to develop skills in this area further, as it will be of use in many different ways.

"Those people who commit to self-development by expanding their skills set to include IT skills have a far greater chance of securing employment," Ms Read stated.

She added that as so many jobs are advertised online and ask for applications via email, it can be a disadvantage for anyone who struggles to use a computer.

Meanwhile, Sarah Clover, a spokesperson for, recently commented that upskilling is "imperative" in the current employment market as candidates need to make themselves stand out.

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