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Majority of Irish firms 'intend to recruit next year'

Majority of Irish firms 'intend to recruit next year'

A survey of employers and employees in Ireland has discovered that 75 per cent of companies intend to recruit new staff next year.

The Irish Examiner reported on the research, which was carried out by recruitment specialist Hays.

According to the organisation, almost half of the unemployed professionals interviewed were positive about their chances of finding work in 2011.

Richard Eardley, managing director of Hays, commented: "Recent headlines would suggest the country is heading downwards, but our experience is that people are very definitely hiring again and candidates have more confidence with regards to moving jobs."

He also pointed out that half of the jobseekers his company spoke to were attending training sessions, or had plans to improve their professional development.

In June, it was revealed that Ireland's unemployment rate had reached a 16-year high, with almost 14 per cent of the population out of work and many choosing to emigrate in order to find a job.

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