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Ugandan student helped to enter university in the UK

Ugandan student helped to enter university in the UK

One man's kindness has helped a young Ugandan man to realise his dream of being able to enter university in the UK.

22-year-old Michael Katende is preparing to start a degree in IT and business at Staffordshire University in September after meeting university worker Franz Opitz when he volunteered in a hospital in Uganda.

The Sentinal reported the story, which saw Mr Opitz so impressed by Michael's English skills that he has funded his move to the UK and will pay his annual tuition fees, which stand at £9,300.

Mr Opitz explained that Michael worked as his translator during his time in Uganda and helped him as he travelled around.

"I thought about it and decided to give him more than work for just four months a year. I thought it was a life being wasted so I decided to sponsor Michael through a degree," he told the newspaper.

The majority of Uganda's population work in agriculture, according to the CIA World Factbook, although Michael hopes to be able to find a job working in a bank when he returns after completing his studies.

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