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Pupils to be offered vocational education at 14

Pupils to be offered vocational education at 14

The coalition government has unveiled plans which could see thousands of school pupils leave traditional education at 14 in favour of vocational training at special schools to be established in the coming years.

More than 70 technical schools are to be built over the next five years, with students able to learn subjects ranging from fashion to bricklaying.

The move is part of a shake-up of the education system and Lord Baker of Dorking told the Times that the economy will benefit from having a strong workforce equipped with the skills needed for the future.

"If we're going to have high-speed rail, the fastest broadband in the world, new nuclear power stations, we are going to need technicians," he added.

Georgina Read, HR expert and co-founder of Reabur Ltd, said recently that learning new skills such as IT will give young people and the unemployed a better chance of finding work.

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