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Cambridge MP lauds moves to help overseas students learn English

Cambridge MP lauds moves to help overseas students learn English

The government's decision to extend the length of stay permitted to overseas students who come to the UK to learn English is a move which benefits all parties, it has been claimed.

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has said the coalition's decision to relax the current rules in place would be advantageous not only to those coming to the UK to learn English but also those involved with teaching them.

At present, overseas students from outside the European Union can apply for a six-month visa but if they wish to remain for longer than that then they must demonstrate that they are proficient in the language to A-level standard.

Mr Huppert and several language providers argued that the timeframe was too narrow and that people would be deterred from coming to the UK.

However, the decision to extend the period from six to 11 months has been welcomed by the MP.

"The UK has an international reputation for academic excellence, but if we make it virtually impossible for students to come here they will go to other English-speaking countries which are prepared to welcome them. This would cause us untold damage," Mr Huppert said.

Last year in the UK 37,000 individuals arrived from abroad through the student visitor route, with most of these coming to study English.

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