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Work experience in the UK 'is not crucial to securing a job'

Work experience in the UK 'is not crucial to securing a job'

Those who attend university in the UK do not need work experience in the UK to have any hope of securing a job as suggested by recent research.

A study by High Fliers revealed that the majority of employers would only recruit candidates who had completed some form of internship with the company while studying for their degree.

However, Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, dismissed this idea, stating that businesses are aware that in many cases securing an internship or completing work outside of education is not always feasible.

"It has been reported that those without work experience can't find a job - that's rubbish. Most graduate recruiters appreciate that graduates don't bring much work experience, by their nature - they're there to study at uni," he added.

Mr Hawes did point out however that those who have had a year in industry or completed work experience in the UK do stand out from the crowd, often displaying greater commercial awareness.

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